​Research Contributions



  1.  ​​Draconian Policymaking in the Era of COVID-19: A Comparative Analysis.

  2.  Addressing Xenophobic Tensions in South Africa: A Community-centric Case Study.

  3. ​ Does Foreign Direct Investment Have Explanatory Power in Predicting Spikes  ​  in Infant Mortality Rates in the SADC Region?

  4.  Human Capital Investments: Sweden vs. the United States.

  5.  Territoriality and Simmering Feuds: The Role of Artificial Borders in the Conflict Resolution Process.

  6.  Sharing a Currency Peg: South Africa Weakens as Namibia Rises in Economic Growth. 

  7.  Managing Peace in the Aftermath of Conflict: A Test of Compliance Theories​. 

  8.  Developing Countries and the Crucial Role of Internationalizing Small and Middle-Sized
    ​  Enterprises (SMEs): A Case Study of Vietnam.

  9.   Stillbirths and Neonatal Mortality: Do Inequalities at the Time of Death Mirror Inequalities in Life?

  10.  A Case Study in Economic Inoculation: How Romania Protected its Economy from the Greek Financial Meltdown.

  11.  Processing Incomplete Multivariate Data Using Amelia II.

  12.  Political Economy of Media Theory: A Holistic Evaluation.

  13.  The Socioeconomic Costs of Mining on Human Development: The Deleterious            Symbiosis between Conflict and Economic Development in the Democratic 
      Republic of Congo. 

  14.  The Effects of Political Conflict on Health and the Health Sector: The Democratic

         Republic of Congo.

  • ​Global Behaviors and Perceptions in the COVID-19 Pandemic.

  • ​​Children's schooling status: Household and individual factors associated with school enrollment, non-enrollment and dropping out among Ugandan children.